Creative Writing Therapy

I understand how hard it can be to speak to someone about how you are feeling. Sometimes it can seem impossible to put into words what you have experienced, or how you are feeling. This can especially be the case if your thoughts or feelings seem overwhelming or you have feelings of shame that prevent you speaking out. Perhaps you know what you want to say but can’t say it, or maybe you do not yet have any words at all to explain how you feel. Sometimes writing things down and sharing them with a trained listener can be very healing.

I have an interest in using creative writing as a therapeutic tool. I can help you to uncover and explore your feelings. I can work with you empathically through the use of creative and/or autobiographical writing. Together we can explore your feelings using poems, prose, metaphor, characters, images and objects. The act of finding words to express how you feel – and sharing them with an empathic listener – can be very therapeutic and healing.

I have a Masters in Creative Writing & Personal Development and write a regular column on writing and therapy for the a professional magazine called The Transactional Analyst.

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